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In 2024, for the third consecutive year, Batobus has been awarded the Green Globe certification, recognizing our outstanding actions and commitments towards sustainable tourism, encompassing social, economic, cultural, and environmental aspects.


Taking actions for the environment Batobus


Taking action for the environment

In order to reduce its impact on the environment, Batobus began its fleet's energy transition in 2019 by launching development of a new hybrid and electric propulsion technology, capable of meeting the navigation requirements of shuttle service boats on the River Seine. This large-scale project is part of a global CSR initiative which includes electrification of the quays using dedicated terminals to supply Batobus boats with electricity.

Biodiversity conservation is crucial in our activities. Awareness training is provided to our teams, and initiatives are emerging, such as waste collection campaigns along the Seine, launched in partnership with the Happy-Seine association. Additionally, Batobus has installed a vegetated raft near its barges, providing vital habitat for fauna and flora along the riverbanks – a first on the Seine in Paris! Communication materials are also available on our boats for visitors to highlight the richness of Parisian fauna and flora.


Having positive impact on communities Batobus


Having a positive impact on communities

Batobus is a partner of the French public employment service Pole Emploi for the recruitment of crew members via the Simulation Recruitment Method (SRM). This method goes beyond the usual recruitment criteria of experience and qualifications, and focuses on the skills needed for the job.

Every year, Batobus works with the employment support service ESAT de l'Elan. Batobus subcontracts some activities to this organisation, such as printing flyers, inserting pay slips into envelopes and ordering supplies. In this way, Batobus takes tangible action in favour of social inclusion through employment.


Promoting culture of diversity Batobus


Promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion

Batobus supports inclusive organisations by working with Lemon Tri for office waste management, a company chosen for its social and environmental commitments and its local ties. Lemon Tri is an innovative social integration company that provides people excluded from employment opportunities with training in the circular economy every year. The waste collected is sent to channels chosen for their geographical proximity (100% short circuits, France) and their recycling methods (100% material recycling.


showcasing cultural heritage Paris Batobus


Showcasing the cultural heritage of Paris and its riverside areas

With 9 stations within Paris, Batobus contributes to discovering and promoting the capital’s historic districts and monuments. Proud to fulfil this mission, our crews are trained to provide a tour guide service to French and international visitors about the main monuments to visit, district walking tours and where to find the best shopping areas and restaurants!

Ensuring impeccable quality of service Batobus


Ensuring impeccable quality of service for our customers

Mystery visits are regularly conducted by an external organisation to objectively measure the quality of our service. Using this method, the customer experience takes place in real conditions and we can understand what a genuine customer visit is like. It encourages Batobus to review and improve identified weaknesses in its service and to build on its strengths. This technique complements standard practices, such as customer satisfaction surveys.

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