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DISCOVER PARIS WITH YOUR INVESTIGATOR'S KIT Aboard Batobus with family, friends or as a group, from aged 6 onwards!


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Get your investigator's kit now for a fun family outing! (available only in French)

Enjoy a cruise that includes a fun cultural game

Come and share a moment together with family or friends, and discover Paris on a unique and enriching experience. For a day or two, Paris and the River Seine can be a place to play and Batobus, as always, a fun way to travel along the route. Solve puzzles about biodiversity, culture and the history of Paris with the Batobus "On-Board Investigations" kit. This entertaining, educational game will help you learn more about these topics. Make the most of this unique opportunity to enjoy Paris !

Meet the French capital's Green Hero on an original outing in Paris

Whether celebrating a birthday, on holiday, discovering Paris or on a school outing... any occasion is a good one to investigate on board Batobus boats. Enter an extraordinary world of adventure! Paris has an environmental superhero who is taking action and encouraging good ecological practices in the capital. Our investigators must find out who the hero is. To do so, they will need to follow this unique vigilante from stop to stop to find the clues!