AFNOR Certification Service Commitment

Whishing to guarantee the best service each season, Compagnie des Batobus undertook in 2001 the voluntary certififcation of the service under the aegis of an official body, AFNOR certification.

The procedure resulted on 25 november 2002 in the awarding to Batobus of th AFAQ Service Commitment Certificate that recognises the work of Batobus personnel at the service of quality. The reference documents drawn up will thus enable lasting quality of the service provided, especially at stops and on board the boats.

In parallel, Compagnie des Batobus crew have distributed passeger satisfaction questionnaires every year since 1997. The evaluation of customer satisfaction and exceptations has thus contributed to the steady improvement service quality.

Our commitments
  • A friendly, good-humoured, conscientious and efficient welcome
  • Our host staff speak at least both French and English 
  • Passengers board and disembark in complete safety
  • A boat puts in at each stop every 30 minutes or less
  • Tourist information are available on board and stops

  • Key features

    • 9 stations in the heart of Paris
    • 1 Pass = 1 day, 2 days or a year
    • Panoramic view
    • Terrace
    • Heated boats